Master William Mason, recognized as Grandmaster by Sanuces Ryu, 31-May-2014

Grandmaster Mason retired from public teaching February 2016


William Mason earned his first black belt on the island of Okinawa in 1966 having trained there with Grandmaster Zenryo Shimabukuro at the Seibukan Dojo. The Seibukan Dojo was one of the premier dojos in the far east having had the top fighter in the All Okinawa- All Japan free style tournament for 3 consecutive years, 1963-1965. After having trained in Shorin-Ryu for 12 years, William, trained in Kajukempo, with Master Johnny McCurry. Kajukempo became the basis for the eventual Dragon-Cobra-Te system. William also trained briefly with Master John Boone in Chinese Filipino Red Dragon Gung Fu, and with Master Khenshu Benu Ra in Cobra-Taek. In 1977, his system was enhanced by training for 2 years with GrandMaster Moses Powell in Sanuces Ryu. In 1979, the system was further enhanced by training with the late Grandmaster Florendo Visitacion in Vee-Jitsu-te. Elder Master Garry Mullins of Shaolin-Do shared his knowledge of Shaolin, Tai Chi, Hsing-i and Pa-Kua. All of these elements were responsible for the System known as Dragon-Cobra-Te. Master Mullins' Instructor is Grandmaster Sin Kwang The, whose teacher was Grandmaster Ie Chang Ming (1880-1976). Grandmaster Sin became the head of Shaolin Do in 1968 and still trains and teaches today. Master Mason ran a dojo in Morristown, Tennesee for 25 consecutive years before taking a sabatical to grow in other areas. In February 2005, Master Mason was accepted into the prestigious KARATE FIVE organization. Quoting him, "To date, this is the highest honor I have received." Master Mason operated a branch of Karate 5 Association of Tennessee in Morristown for 5 years. Master Mason was the first Afro-American Deputy Sheriff and the 2nd Afro-American City Policeman in Morristown and Hamblen County in the late 60's. On Jun-24-2006, Master Mason was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, as a Golden Achievement Award winner. In 2011, Taoist Tai Chi as taught by Master Moy Lin Shin was added to the Dragon Cobra Te system with modifications to suit our purpose.

Sensei Edward Takae , My first Sensei

Sensei Takae was an incredible martial artist and a fighter supreme. He won
the All Okinawa-Japan tournament in 1964 and only gave up 1 single point.
That was in the day and time when it was real fighting and not "tag". Although
I no longer teach Shorinryu as my main art, without the foundation that I 
received from the tutorship of Master Takae, I would not have been able to do
what I have done in the arts.  May God bless him and keep him strong.


 Sensei Takae went to his eternal rest on 12-Mar-2010


Instructor John Sims, My first Student

 Instructor John Sims a great martial artist and unique individual was the first
 student of Master William Mason starting in 1966. They trained together in
 harmony for over 30 years. Instructor Sims had a great understanding of the mental
 aspect of the martial arts as he could lull an opponent to sleep by making him
 become over confident. Despite his "girth", he moved like lightning and his
 touch was as heavy as lead when he wanted it to be. We still miss him!

Brothers in the Art

Grandmaster Willie G. Wilson, my Isshinryu Mentor

Grandmaster Khensu Benu Ra

Sim Jeet Chun-Do & Cobra Taek

Master John Boone

Chinese Filipino Red Dragon Kung Fu

Grandmaster Jeff Delaney, Modern Arnis

Grandmaster Lisa McManus, Military Arnis

Grandmaster's Moses Powell & Florendo Visitacion

Arnis de Mano & Juijitsu

Balika Juijitsu Grandmaster John McCurry, (my Kajukempo Mentor - 1974)

Elder Master Garry Mullins, Shaolin-Do

Paqua, Hsing-i & Yang Style Tai Chi

Instructor Richard Stone, friend and training partner

 Instructor Richard Stone a great martial artist and friend. Brother Stone
came to Master Mason after a stint in the Marine Corps. He was in the
system as we evolved from strict Shorin-Ryu to KajuKempo and the other
arts. He met then Professor Moses Powell on a vacation trip to New York
in the late "70's and was the link to getting us involved with Sanuces
and later on Vee-Jitsu. As a result of that affiliation we all became
better martial artists. Too bad the Good die young!! 

Grandmaster Charles Allen, Sanuces Ryu

Students Who Received Black Belt Promotions from 1967-2012

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