God is the Greatest
Jesus is Lord


DRAGON-COBRA-TE Patch This is a description of the significance of the Dragon-Cobra-Te patch. Read it carefully and ask any questions that you might have pertaining to it. Do not wear a patch that you do not believe in! 1. The EYE represents the SUPREME BEING as being most important of all. Secondly, it gives credit to Master Moses Powell for what he taught us, which was a direct reflection of VEE-JITSU-TE. The flame is important because we should have a burning desire to be the best that we can be as a PERSON and as a MARTIAL ARTIST. 2. The Triangle under the EYE contains the international symbol for KI. Research this point for a greater understanding of this symbol. 3. The Triangle at the lower left corner contains the head of a DRAGON. This is in recognition of the wisdom of the Chinese and the high place they hold as martial artists. 4. The Triangle at the lower right corner contains a hand. The English for the Japanese character for hand is TE. This symbol gives credit to VEE-JITSU-TE as well as the SHORIN-RYU which was the first system that we learned. 5. The COBRA is symbolic of the internal power that is known by many names depending on the nationality, CHI – CHINESE, KI – JAPANESE, PRANA – INDIA, PNEUMA – GREEK, etc… RESEARCH THIS CONCEPT for your own understanding. The SNAKE is respected for the speed, grace and strength he possesses. Also, BE YE THEREFORE WISE AS SERPENTS, AND HARMLESS AS DOVES. Matthew 10:16. 6. There are three countries mentioned so far in the symbol, CHINA, JAPAN and INDIA. Research for the martial arts significance of these countries. 7. The YIN-YANG symbol represents the duality of all things, making us aware of the HARD and SOFT in whatever we do. 8. The outer circle is symbolic of the circle of friendship, circle of brotherhood, circle of knowledge, wisdom, peace, prosperity, love, etc. All things that are positive. May we be aware that all things run in a CYCLE even LIFE itself. 9. “GOD IS THE GREATEST”. Research this principle in a serious manner because it is the MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!

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