Diania Long - Dragon Cobra Te - Godan (5th Degree Black Belt)

I started training with Master Mason in February of 1978 and trained with him until he retired in 1992. In the years that followed, I studied two forms of Tai Chi under two different professors, yoga, and tae-bo under Instructor Rick Stone (one of Master Mason's Black Belts) Over the years I have taught self-defense classes at Walters State Community College and Rose Center; aerobic classes, exercise classes at the Senior Citizen Center, and tae-bo. I have also had a great interest in shiatzu massage and accupressure. Although never formally trained, I have acquired several books. I have owned Roseland Florist for 16 years, through which I have served on committees for the Chamber of Commerce. I am a member of Morningside Baptist Church where I am an Assistant Sunday Teacher for the Singles Class as well as involved in other church activities. I have learned many valuable life-lessons under Master Mason. I consider it an honor to be his student, and I am truly excited to back training with him and Master Wilson. It was a wish come true.

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