Eddie Huff - 2nd Degree Black belt

Open hands and open heart. To some signs of weakness, to some signs of strength. I continue to absorb as much as possible. My beginning on this journey began when my youngest son was a student of Master Mason and I was an observer. The atmosphere of Master Mason's class emitted through his senior students was irresistible. I was drawn into the circle of brotherhood and sisterhood first, before the study of Kajukempo began. This was a constant with Master Mason's Dragon Cobra Te organization. I was never much to work toward the goals of belts I was only interested in the knowledge. However, my first teacher Johnny Johnson would have no part of that and pushed. Everyone else pushed, I absorbed, and Mr. Mason kept giving me belts. Eventually he gave me a second degree black. Soon after he needed to go away for a while and asked me to look over his class, school, dojo, or whatever is the proper name for what he had built. This was a very small thing to ask of me so I did it and was head instructor only temporarily while he was away. Mr. James Hall was a constant rock who helped me for 6 years while we tried to spread the good news and change a few lives in the name of Master Mason's legacy and curriculum. This was made possible through Morristown Parks and Recreation department making facilities available at Talley Ward building and before that at the old Sherwood School. My students, Mr. Hall and myself finally put all the parts of the Dragon Cobra Te system on video. I made several copies for the students. I plagiarized the heck out of another video, magazine photos, and personal photos. It turned out pretty good. It has all the katas, pinians, all the attack defenses (70+), butterfly circle, butterfly form, some history, as well as turbo Tai Chi and Pa Kua forms. I like it but I know the director(lol). I studied with Shihan Charles Allen during this period. We trained in Sanuces Ryu for about a year. I tried to interject as much as possible the concepts of Sanuces into what I was teaching. I feel Sanuces is for adults only so I was limited. I was awayŚ. Now I'm back, so let's go! It's the best high you'll ever have. All you have to do is think a little and move your body. Yeah. That means your butt can't stay in that chair and do it. Sail-ing - A way to spend lots of money, work very hard, and go very s l o w

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