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Instructor Naomi Mason - Dragon Cobra Te - Godan ( 5th Degree Black Belt)


My introduction to martial arts came with my husband, Master William Mason, over 46 years ago. After training with him for several years, I took a lengthy sabbatical, and returned when he joined forces with the Karate 5 of Knoxville. The association with GM Wilson and the Karate 5 added another layer to my knowledge of the martial arts. Master Mason’s teachings have led me to study and train with several well-known Masters and Grandmasters in the US. I believe martial arts to be a mindset, and, as with anything that is important in life, you should never stop learning or training. Our training places an emphasis on self-defense. Any move in any system can be used for self-defense once you reach an understanding that there is more than just “punching and kicking”. I am an advocate of self-defense training for everyone, especially women of all ages. It teaches you self-confidence, self-control, and will help you “get home safe”. I retired ten years ago, after 30 years of employment, from Walters State Community College. I enjoyed, to some extent, my association with the college but the education received through training in the martial arts is more meaningful. Training with my husband is a plus.

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