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Master Terry Reese

Dragon Cobra Te - Rokyu Dan (6th Degree Black Belt)


My journey in the Martial Arts began February, 1973. I began training under Master William Mason in Shorin Ryu. It was the first art from Master Mason. He then went to the Kajukempo System and Dragon Cobra-Te. Going very consistently for many years of my life, I was fortunate to have other Masters take me under their "wing". Thank you Johnny Sims, Sr. and Richard Stone. Having these 3 men as a part of my life as a young adult, helped me to take Life and the Arts seriously. From the Filipino Stick Fighting, Sanuces Ryu, Vee-Jitsu-Te, Isshin-Ryu with Ralph "Snake" Smith, Jerry Sullivan, Kelly Marcum and 10 years on the Amateur-Body Building Circuit, was "The Good Ole' Days". Training 4 days a week in Karate and Body Building made me a very disiplined person. I broke away from Master Mason in 1990 and started teaching Self Defense at my home Church. There were 50 individuals in the first class. We had a blast! In 6 months, I joined the Black Belts of Faith International and taught Christian Martial Arts under the Kempo System. In 2005, Master Mason, his wife, Naomi and I decided to gather all of Master Mason's black belts together and train again. Master Mason and his students went on into the Isshin-Ryu System. October, 2012, I caught up with the "old gang" and started training again. I am looking forward to learning all that I have missed in the last few years. As a young student in the '70's, I quickly learned that Master Mason was truly a Master. I would have never had a chance to accomplish what I have in the Martial Arts without the training from Master Mason, Naomi Mason, Johnny Sims, Sr. and Richard Stone. I love them all dearly. They have all been a true Blessing in my life. Also, I would like to thank, my wife Sherry, for a wonderful life with her by my side through our journey, as well as our children and grandchildren. God has truly Blessed me.

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